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The Draft National Mine Action Strategy will be approved by the Ministry of Economy by late November 2023

By late November 2023, the Draft National Mine Action Strategy will be submitted for approval to the Ministry of Economy. Then, it shall be approved by the National Mine Action Agency. Ihor Bezkaravainyi, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, made this announcement.

Quote"We are preparing a document, which we will implement jointly during the next ten years. We are currently discussing the draft and enhancing certain items in it," Ihor Bezkaravainyi noted.

Materials from the Strategy will also be shown to donors and presented to the Sectoral Working Group.

The draft document has been developed by more than 40 experts and more than 30 diplomatic representatives from donor countries. Participants of the Ministry of Economy workshop and the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining, as well as the First International Donors’ Conference on Humanitarian Demining in Ukraine, have already assessed it positively.

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