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The May 1 overnight massive missile attack: the latest information (UPDATED)

On May 1, at night, 11 bombers of the Russian Air Force attacked Kyiv and Pavlohrad. 25 people were reported injured. Dozens of buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Speaking on air of the national telethon, Yurii Ihnat, speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the attack on civilian houses was launched from the Caspian Sea by two Tu-160 strategic bombers and from the Murmansk region by nine Tu-95 strategic bombers. A total of 18 missiles were fired.

The Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 15 missiles out of 18.

The May 1 missile attack: Pavlohrad and the Pavlohrad district

According to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, the city and suburbia of Pavlohrad were targeted by 10 missiles launched by the enemy air forces. Of them, seven were shot down by forces of the East Air Command, while three missiles hit the industrial and residential areas of the city.

An industrial facility was damaged in Pavlohrad. A fire broke out at it, which was later extinguished by firefighters. In the residential neighborhood, 19 apartment blocks, 25 private houses, six schools and kindergartens, and five stores were damaged. Preliminarily, 25 people were reported injured, including three children.

At 10:50 a.m., the administration reported that 34 people had been injured.

Outside Pavlohrad, 42 private houses and a school were damaged.

The May 1 missile attack: Kyiv

Russian bombers launched eight missiles at Kyiv. According to the Kyiv City Military Administration, all the missiles were intercepted. No casualties were reported.

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