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The city of Popasna is no more: the invaders took it off the list of the region’s populated places


The invaders took the city of Popasna, Luhansk region, off the list of municipalities in the so-called "Luhansk People’s Republic." The Luhansk Regional Military Administration reported this on Facebook.

A city that was home to 20,000 before Russia’s full-scale invasion has been totally exterminated.

The "LPR" occupation administration has enacted its pseudo-laws on territorial organization. The list includes 11 urban districts and 17 municipalities, but no Popasna.

Quote"Earlier, the invaders only talked about the infeasibility of the restoration of the city they had ruined themselves, but recently they have put this decision into law," the Luhansk Administration emphasizes.

In order to be employed or receive social benefits, people living in the occupied part of the Luhansk region are forced by the invaders not only to obtain a Russian passport but also to give up their Ukrainian citizenship.

Context. The city of Popasna, the administrative center of the Popasna district, Luhansk region, has been occupied since early May, 2022.

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