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The Cabinet of Ministers has failed its gas program: daily production fell to 2016 level

Daily natural gas production in Ukraine on January 20, 2021 fell to 51.6 million cubic meters. This is the lowest value since March 2016, according to the GTS Operator of Ukraine.

Compared to the average daily value for 2020, production decreased by a record 7% (3.7 million cubic meters). In March 2016, this figure was 49.5 million cubic meters.

According to Dmytro Marunych, Co-chairman of the Energy Strategies Fund, since the winter is warm and a sufficient amount of gas has been accumulated in the storage, there are no particular risks for consumers this winter. Most likely, there will be no risks until the end of the heating season due to the winter type. It is unlikely that it will get so much colder for a long period.

"But a decrease in daily gas production is bad. This clearly shows that the 2020 gas production program of the Cabinet of Ministers has been successfully failed. This is a negative trend, in fact, after the words that production will be increased," he said.

Context. Earlier it was reported that the price of gas for the population in January will increase by at least 17.5%. After that the Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal instructed to prepare a draft state regulation of gas prices for household consumers during the quarantine period. It is about a price of 6.99 UAH per cubic meter.

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