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Strike on Chernihiv Oblast: Russian invaders fired missiles at Pryluky

On Monday, June 13, at about 13:15, three missile strikes launched by Russian invaders were recorded in the city of Pryluky. The fact of the missile attack was confirmed by the head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration Viacheslav Chaus.

Information about possible destruction and casualties is being specified.

Context. The enemy does not stop shelling the border settlements of Sumy and Chernihiv Oblasts. Over the last 24 hours, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, 4 shelling from the Russian side of Sumy Oblast and 3 shelling of Chernihiv Oblast were recorded. In one of these cases, the Russians fired two dozen 120 mm caliber mines into the border area of Chernihiv Oblast. Mortar fire was accompanied by heavy machine guns.

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