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Selling Monobank to Alfa-Bank. Gorokhovskyi called the information "writings on the fence"

Oleg Gorokhovskyi, Co-founder of Monobank, and the press service of Alfa-Bank commented on the information of Strana.ua’s sources that in August-September Alfa-Bank will make a deal to purchase Monobank. They called it "writings on the fence" and "rumors."

Quote"Our official position is that we do not comment on the writings on the fence," Gorokhovskyi said when asked by The Page about whether this is true or not. At the same time, he did not answer the question directly.

In addition, Gorokhovskyi wrote a sarcastic comment on his Telegram channel that in the near future the outlet Strana.ua will be sold to Kommersant Holding, controlled by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

"According to experts, the price that buyers are willing to pay for Strana.ua is from 10 to 30 silver coins. In the meantime, there are no official statements from the parties about this, Strana.ua for some reason wrote about the upcoming purchase of Monobank by Alfa-Bank."

Oleg Gorokhovskyi

Oleg Gorokhovskyi

Co-founder of Monobank

At the same time, the press service of Alfa-Bank stated to the Page that they "would not comment on the rumors."

In the article of Strana.ua it is said that official statements about the purchase by Alfa-Bank (owned by Russian businessmen Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Alexey Kuzmichev and others) of Monobank (operates under the license of Universalbank belonging to Ukrainian businessman Serhiy Tihipko) has not been announced yet, but, according to the sources of the outlet in banking circles, the purchase is allegedly at the final stage. At the same time, Rafal Yuschak, General Manager, Member of the Board of Alfa-Bank, told Strana. ua that he heard about the purchase for the first time.

Strana.ua also writes that the sale of Universalbank can only take place with one goal—to get the project Monobank together with its team. The article says that Alfa-Bank is interested in the bank in order to strengthen its producibility, double its client base and supposedly get ahead of the state-owned Privatbank.

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