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Renting flats in Kyiv has become historically expensive: how much does it cost to rent a dwelling

Prices for renting flats in Kyiv increased by 21% on average for the year. Over the past year, this is the maximum rental price for apartments. Three-room flats have gone up in price most of all—by 27%.

This was reported by experts of the Center for Economic Strategies.

For instance, over the past week, rental prices for one-room flats have increased by 6.6%, two-room flats—by 4%, and three-room flats—by 6%.

On average, a one-room flat can be rented for 11,843 UAH per month, a two-room flat—for 19,971 UAH, and for a three-room flat one will have to pay 37,241 UAH.

At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdowns hit the rental prices, experts noted.

The number of booked apartments also increased by 6% over the week. The increase since the beginning of summer has reached 25%.

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