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Record figures since war started: Over 60,000 Ukrainians returned home within 8 days

The flow of those entering through the western border of Ukraine exceeds the flow of those leaving the country eight days in a row. The total net inflow to Ukraine during these days amounted to 61,000 persons — these are record figures since the war started. This is reported on the Facebook page of the State Border Guard Service.

On May 17, like the day before, more than 31,000 persons left Ukraine, while the number of those who arrived in the country was 37,000 people compared to more than 41,000 the day before. Also, over the past day, the number of registered vehicles with humanitarian cargo increased to 239 after dropping to 150-190 in the previous two days.

According to the Polish border service, on May 17, 26,000 persons entered Ukraine from the country, while the day before — 26,800 persons. In the opposite direction, the flow was 20,000 compared to 19,200 the day before. In total, since the beginning of the war, 3.442 million persons arrived in Poland from Ukraine, and from Poland in Ukraine — 1.358 million persons.

According to the UN, a total of 6.267 million people have left Ukraine since the beginning of the war (excluding entry flow), of which:

  • for Poland — 3.377 million
  • Romania and Moldova — 977,910
  • Russia — 850,530
  • Hungary — 610,080
  • Slovakia — 424,030
  • Belarus (data as of May 12) — 27,310.

Recall that you can check the queues at the borders online.

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