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More money and masks: the Ministry of Health have found a way to overcome coronavirus in Ukraine

Compliance with the mask regime can help overcome the coronavirus in a few weeks. In particular, the adaptive quarantine turned out to be a good solution; soon several regions will be able to leave the "red" zone.

This was stated by the Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko in an interview with journalist Yanina Sokolova.

According to him, research by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that if all people wore masks and did not take them off for three weeks, the coronavirus would have already been overcome.

In particular, he noted that in Ukraine there is no longer an opportunity to increase the number of beds with oxygen. Now their number reaches 67,000.

Lyashko also explained that the unpreparedness of the medical system is primarily related to insufficient funding. To overcome the coronavirus, local authorities, businesses, and Ukrainians themselves must act together, he said.

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