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Pushilin, leader of "DPR" militants, wounded in Lyman, Donetsk Oblast, "someone from RF’s leadership" killed — media

The so-called head of the so-called "DPR" Denis Pushilin was wounded in the city of Lyman in Donetsk Oblast, according to RIA Melitopol.

"According to unconfirmed information, the main clown of the so-called "DPR" Pushilin was wounded in the city of Lyman, Donetsk Oblast. And all the videos that are published with him are old preserves," the report reads.

Advisor to the Interior Minister Viktor Andrusiv confirmed the information.

Also, information spreads across the Internet that Pushilin allegedly came to Lyman, temporarily occupied by the Russians, to appoint the so-called "mayor".

"Pushilin came to Lyman today to appoint a pseudo-mayor, but our intelligence has found out where it will be, and our War Gods did it — Pushilin is "WIA", about 50 Chechens are "KIA", about a dozen vehicles were knocked out, and someone from the Russian Federation leadership is "KIA"!", a user under the nickname Ja NeUmerHerwam wrote on Twitter, referring to the outlet Eastern Variant.

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