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France will not use nuclear weapons against Russia in the event of a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine

France will not use nuclear weapons against Russia even if the aggressor makes a nuclear strike on Ukraine. According to The National News, this is the position of President of France Emmanuel Macron.

Quote"Our doctrine rests on the fundamental interests of the nation… Russia is an endowed state, like France. We have a doctrine which is clear. Deterrence works. But then, the less we talk about it, the less we agitate the threat, the more credible we are," he said.

The President emphasized that his Russian colleague must return to the negotiation table and supposed that at some point, Kyiv would have to talk with him.

Macron stressed that the war had entered an unprecedented stage since the weekend. He added that the aim of the massive missile attacks was to "shatter Ukrainian resistance."

He admitted that France was unable to give Ukraine as much as it asked for. Macron explained that he was obliged to "keep some for us to protect ourselves and our eastern flank [of Nato]."

He also announced the delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine after the massive attacks on the country with Russian missiles, shells, and drones.

Context. On October 11–13, defense ministers of NATO countries are meeting in Brussels to discuss, among other things, the situation in Ukraine in the Ramstein-6 format. Ukraine's request is clear: modern air defense to protect Ukrainian cities both from Russian missiles and from Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, 2,400 of which the Russian Federation ordered from Iran.

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