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Government experiment: National and international passports can be issued at the same time. Who, where and how can do it

The government has allowed the simultaneous issuance of national and international passports.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on May 7 approved a pilot project for the simultaneous issuance (in particular, instead of a lost or stolen one), the exchange of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and an international passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

The experiment is proposed to be in force within two years, the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers reports.

This decision aims to minimize the time spent in obtaining or renewing documents, which is especially important in wartime.

How to issue a Ukrainian and international passport

The project stipulates that:

  • Citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 14, can issue an international passport simultaneously with an ID-card;
  • If documents are lost or renewed, one can apply for an international passport without waiting for the ID-card issuance.
  • One can issue documents by contacting the State Migration Service, Administrative Service Centres, or SE Document.

The simultaneous registration procedure is imposed for 2 years.

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