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Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio joined Olena Zelenska Foundation


Olena Zelenska Foundation thanked Leonardo DiCaprio, American filmstar, for his recent contribution to the Foundation in supporting the people of Ukraine.

Quote"His contribution is helping to support the young people whose lives have been torn apart by war," — said the message.

Oscar-winner`s contribution will help Vika from the Rodnykh family, who was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Together with 7 siblings, she went through the occupation of Kherson, as well as evacuation under the muzzle of tanks and constant shelling.

It is the story of 8 children from the Oleshko family-type orphanage, whose house was ruined in the war and whose father is defending Ukraine on the front lines.

It is the story of 3-year-old Violeta from the Khanadeevs family. Almost 9 years ago, her parents faced Russian aggression in Donetsk for the first time, forcing them to leave their home for the Kyiv region, and never come back.

Quote«The Foundation supports all family-type orphanages in Ukraine where kids grow up in a genuine family atmosphere and coordinates its efforts with the government so that no kids know of orphanhood. We help children to have the fullest childhood without barriers to education, medicine, and welfare.» — Olena Zelenska Foundation claimed.

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