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Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius donated €125 000 for the reconstruction of Izium hospital


The famous French film director and Oscar winner Michel Hazanavicius contributed 125 thousand euros to the Olena Zelenska Foundation. The funds will be used to rebuild the Central City Hospital in Izium, partially destroyed and looted by the Russian military.

The director organized a charity auction. The event was attended by representatives of the film industry from all over the world, who put up their jewels as lots:

  • Tom Hanks gave a typewriter from his personal collection,
  • Catherine Deneuve – her personal vanity case,
  • Alain Delon — a photo from La Piscine printed on wood,
  • Natalie Portman – some signed rare posters,
  • Thomas Bangalter, a French musician, a former member of Daft Punk, put up for auction the robot helmet from the movie Daft Punk's Electroma.

A total of 250,000 euros was collected during the auction. Michel Hazanavicius donated half of raised funds to the UNITED24 initiative and the other half to the Olena Zelenska Foundation.

As Michel Hazanavicius emphasizes, France and the whole world need stories about Ukraine and its citizens.

Quote«Resistance, heroism, humanity, bravery, solidarity – I believe these are the kind of stories people need here. These are the values that enabled your country to win against the big and powerful Russia. We need these values, we need to believe they still exist, and to see they're valuable in this world,» said the film director.
QuoteFirst Lady of Ukraine thanked Michel Hazanavicius for this contribution: "You have made an invaluable gift to everyone whose lives depend on this hospital."

Recently, Olena Zelenska presented the Foundation during her visit to Paris and told the guests of the event about the mission and projects of the Foundation – in particular, the reconstruction of the hospital in Izium.

Quote"No matter how much we do to save Ukrainians, the war continues. Consequently, we are facing new challenges daily," she addressed the prominent figures of France.

Olena Zelenska created this foundation to allocate resources and help people who need them in Ukraine while the war continues. The initiative attracts funds from foreign businesses, international agencies, and foundations to restore Ukraine's human capital. The Olena Zelenska Foundation seeks to become a channel between caring people worldwide and Ukrainians affected by Russian military aggression.

Currently, assistance to the Central City Hospital in Izium, the primary medical institution for almost 150 thousand people, is the main priority in the Foundation's activities. Unfortunately, the hospital buildings were partially destroyed, and the Russian occupiers stole the leftover medical equipment.

According to Olena Zelenska, the hospital needs to be rebuilt immediately because the residents of the Kharkiv region are being injured on petal mines every day. They need urgent help.

The Olena Zelenska Foundation is a humanitarian initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine aimed at attracting foreign investment to restore and improve the lives of people in Ukraine, thanks to the support of partners and foundations from allied countries.

Michel Hazanavicius is a French director, screenwriter, and actor. He is widely known for his film The Artist, for which he won an Oscar for Best Director.

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