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Kernes dies of coronavirus complications. Who will govern the city

Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes who was treated for coronavirus in the German clinic Charité, died on the night of December 17, 2020 from COVID-19 complications. This was announced by businessman Pavlo Fuks in his Telegram channel.

Quote"The impact of coronavirus infection developed into serious complications affecting the vital organs and systems of his body. Eternal memory to you, my friend," he wrote.

Moreover, Kernes' death on his Instagram page was confirmed by his son Rodion Haisynsky.

Quote"Live strong. This was your life motto. You were the strongest and always fought to the end. You passed away victorious," he wrote.

Kernes's wife Oksana Haisynska also confirmed his death on her Instagram page.

The Kernes’ death was also confirmed by the secretary of the city council Ihor Terekhov on his Facebook page. According to him, nothing is known about the day of the funeral, the date and place will be discussed in the coming hours.

He later said that Kernes would be buried in Kharkiv early next week, the local publication 057 reports

Who will govern Kharkiv instead of Kernes?

After Kernes death, Kharkiv will be governed by the secretary of the City Council Yurii Terekhov until the special elections. This was announced by Tatiana Gruzinska, press secretary of the mayor, during the interview to "Segodnya".

Quote"According to the law, during the mayor's absence his duties are performed by the secretary of the city council. In this case, it is Ihor Terekhov," she said.

Context. In September, Kernes was admitted to the 17th city hospital with bilateral pneumonia. The mayor was found to have COVID-19, which proceeded in a severe form. It is also worth adding that Kharkiv mayor was last seen in public on City Day—23th August. According to media reports, he fell ill in early September.

Later, on the state declarations register website, changes in Kernes’s financial situation, who flew to Berlin for treatment the day before, were published. It cost him almost 5.9 million UAH.

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