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"No one, including Kolomoisky, can influence the banking sector today," Zelensky

On December 16, President Volodymyr Zelensky gave an extensive interview to The New York Times, in which he spoke about the coronavirus vaccine, about the roads construction, plans for the reintegration of Donbass and much more.

The interview was published on December 19. A translation of its full text is posted on the president's website. The Page quotes the key messages of the interview.

About road construction: the country has built 4,000 kilometers of roads this year, which exceeds the total amount made in the previous 10 years.

About the judicial system reform: "Now we are "at war" with some judges of the Constitutional Court who want to destroy the anti-corruption structure in Ukraine. They won't succeed. We will reformat it all."

About cooperation with Petro Poroshenko and his political force: "I am not ready to cooperate with the oligarch Poroshenko. If within the deputy corps someone offers some good initiatives, then I know that all the deputies cooperate with each other. Anything for the good of Ukraine is okay. Anything connected with some things, with lobbying or risks for Ukraine—I'm not ready to do that. "

About Ihor Kolomoisky’s criticism of the IMF: "Ihor Kolomoisky is not a president. These are statements made by one of the businessmen, one of the oligarchs." Ukraine has chosen strategic partners, these are: the EU, NATO, the United States.

About the law enforcement authorities’ independence: "I don’t "break" them, I don’t interfere in their serious cases. On the contrary, they are seeking my support and in very difficult situations receive this support. Although I don’t interfere in the law enforcement authorities’ activities, but sometimes I appeal to them, I tell them: "Let's speed up the processes, because there is a feeling that sometimes you delay the process on serious cases."

About the situation in Donbass: it "dies without Ukraine." Zelenskiy wants the US to join the Normandy format. For the revival of the territory, it is necessary to create a free economic zone.

About the coronavirus vaccine: Zelensky believes that it is impossible to explain to the Ukrainian society why if the United States and Europe do not give you a vaccine, you should not take it from Russia. At the same time, he thinks that the Russian vaccine cannot be called safe if it has not passed all the necessary tests.

In addition. The main New Year tree of the country in 2021 was lit in the capital on the evening of December 19 on St. Nicholas Day. The current symbol of the New Year has been shrouded in scandals. The main problem was the "headdress" of the New Year's beauty. However, some of the New Year trees have witnessed fundamental changes in the life of the country. The Page has made a selection of New year trees since the independence of Ukraine New Year trees since the independence of Ukraine.

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