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The State Space Agency told when the Ukrainians would launch their own space rocket and begin to explore the Moon

The Head of the State Space Agency Volodymyr Taftay told the outlet RBC-Ukraine in an interview about the stage the state space program is at now; when the Ukrainians to build a space rocket exclusively from Ukrainian parts; when to wait for the launch of the domestic satellite Sich-2-30, and whether the Ukrainian side will claim lunar resources within the framework of participation in the NASA program Artemis.

Space program of Ukraine

The main document, according to which the country performs space activities, was approved by the government on September 29, 2021. However, its final approval by the parliament, especially in terms of allocating funds for its implementation, may take a whole year. Given this, the State Space Agency removed the performers from it and retained only specific tasks, such as creating a satellite system and a light launch vehicle.

When Ukrainians to have their own space rocket

A year ago, Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Uruskyi announced that, according to the President's plans, Ukraine would build its domestic space rocket by 2024. Taftay stressed that the goal set by the head of state is not only realistic, but will certainly be fulfilled. According to him, it is expected that the domestic launch vehicle will be capable of launching about 700 kg into orbit. It can be used to launch both Ukrainian and foreign satellites (on a commercial basis).

The head of the State Space Agency added that, given its geographic location, Ukraine is not capable of launching missiles from its territory—only from an offshore platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

Quote"Such a sea spaceport will be exclusively for our light rocket that Ukraine will be able to make and maintain. After all, it is important not only to make it, but also it is important that it be economically efficient in use in the future," Taftay noted.

According to him, all the components of the rocket will be produced in Ukraine, even the engines, and Ukrainian enterprises already have certain developments.

Ukrainian satellite launch

The Head of the State Space Agency said that preparations for the launch of the satellite Sich-2-30 were proceeding according to the approved plan. According to his forecast, the launch, as planned, will take place in December this year. In general, the agency intends to launch 7 Sich-2-30 satellites and 6 more remote sensing satellites into orbit.

When Ukrainians will explore the Moon

In 2020, our country joined the international NASA program Artemis. The strategy of the State Space Agency at this stage is to help in exploring the Moon by creating products, and not transferring its own technologies, Taftay stressed.

Quote"Ukraine, possessing high technologies, can and should be part of such programs... For example, the Yuzhnoye Design Office has a very interesting development on water hydrolysis and electrolysis on the Moon and on energy storages. There are a lot of developments that can be in demand when creating such major projects as a lunar settlement," the Head of the State Space Agency explained.

He added that Ukraine would definitely claim lunar resources as part of its participation in the program.

Context. Recall that in August it became known that NASA would have to postpone its lunar mission due to problems with spacesuits. The head of SpaceX Elon Musk offered his help in solving the problem.

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