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From 300 to 3,000 UAH: how much will Easter basket cost Ukrainians in 2021

The cost of the minimum Easter basket in 2021 in Ukraine reaches 315 UAH.

As stated in the episode of The Page's partner, the program Persha Shpalta, this amount is needed to buy ingredients for cooking Easter (milk, sour cream, butter, margarine, flour, sugar, raisins, lemons, etc.) and eggs.

The cost of the Easter basket in 2021 (video):

But if being under no restraint at all, buying meat, wine, centerpieces and so on, the cost of the Easter basket will reach almost 3,000 UAH.

According to Marina Zabarilo, director of Consumer Panel & Services GfK Ukraine, the rise in price of an Easter basket (eggs, flour, yeast, etc.) has been recorded every year in Ukraine. At the end of 2020, these products went up in price significantly when compared with previous periods.

Quote"However, we believe that nothing will change and the Ukrainians will celebrate Easter the way they used to do it. There will certainly be meat delicacies, eggs, and alcohol on our table. We will not skimp on the holidays," she said.

Context. Earlier, The Page wrote about how much it costs to cook Easter at home and how the prices for Easter baskets have changed. To read about how Ukrainians will rest on the May holidays and what will work, follow the link.

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