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Denmark simplifies entry regulations for Ukrainians: New terms

From October 25, Ukrainians can enter Denmark without having to do a COVID-19 test and self-isolate upon arrival. To do this, the travellers must present a COVID certificate to the Danish border control authorities. This is reported on the Facebook page of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark.

It is noted that Denmark accepts the COVID certificate in Diia, since Ukraine has joined the EU's COVID digital certificate system. The document must confirm vaccination against COVID-19 with one or two doses of vaccine, negative test result, or recovery from COVID-19.

In the absence of a certificate, citizens of Ukraine need to do a COVID-19 test within 24 hours after arriving in Denmark at one of the testing centers. Testing requirement before coming to Denmark has been canceled.

If a citizen of Ukraine has previously been ill with COVID-19, but does not have a certificate, it is necessary to present a medical certificate confirming a positive result of a PCR test for COVID-19, made at least 14 days, but no more than a year, before entering Denmark. In this case, there is no need to do the test upon arrival in Denmark.

If a Ukrainian citizen enters Denmark from countries that Denmark considers to be countries with a "very high risk of COVID-19 infection" (currently most countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America), full vaccination or recovery must be confirmed. Otherwise, travelers will have to do a COVID-19 test immediately upon arrival in Denmark (at the airport) and self-isolate for 10 days.

Context. Denmark was the first in the EU to officially abolish absolutely all acting in the country anti-epidemic restrictions related to the spread of the coronavirus.

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