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Belgium will send Ukraine several F-16 fighter jets in 2025


Belgium plans to deliver a few F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine starting in 2025. Ludivine Dedonder, the Belgian defense minister, said in an interview with Bel RTL that it would depend on the "increase in capacity of our new F-35s."

In addition to sending fighter jets, Belgium will ensure the training of pilots and offer to provide maintenance for the entire coalition F-16 fleet.

The aim is to provide continued assistance to Ukraine, Dedonder underscored.

Quote"Belgian personnel will train Ukrainian pilots in Belgium, Denmark, and probably in one of the countries of the European Union. For the moment, we are not yet talking about Ukraine. We are in the process of enabling Ukraine to modernize its armed forces. And I think that what we are offering here is fundamental and much better than a simple announcement of sending a few F-16s," the minister explained.

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