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Ukrainian fleet of 155-mm artillery is replenished with M109 SPHs. Harpoons are on the way — Reznikov

Ukraine continues to receive weapons and military equipment from international partners. According to the Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian soldiers are actively destroying Russian invaders on the battlefield with the help of three types of 155-mm artillery, and another M109 self-propelled howitzers were also handed over to our country.

Quote"Three types of 155-mm artillery are already working successfully on the front lines: M777 howitzers, FH70 howitzers, and CAESAR SPHs. It was simply impossible to imagine this back in March… Ukraine has already received M109 SPHs in one of its modifications. This equipment is of very high quality. Its supply was the result of cooperation between several countries," the Minister of Defense wrote.

He added that in the near future, Harpoon missiles would arrive in Ukraine to strengthen coastal defense. Moreover, they will be used by specially trained Ukrainian defenders.

Quote"I am confident that the military brotherhood of Harpoons and our Neptunes will help us liberate and make our Black Sea safe again, as well as reliably protect Odessa," Reznikov added.

M109 SPH — what kind of weapon is this

The M109 is an American self-propelled artillery mount on a tracked chassis with a rotating turret.

  • Armament: 155 mm M126 howitzer, 12.7 mm M2HB machine gun.
  • It is equipped with hydropneumatic recoil devices, as well as hydraulic and manual power drives.
  • The usual rate of fire is 1 round per minute, the maximum is 4 rounds per minute during the first 3 minutes of firing.
  • Engine — diesel 8V-T71 manufactured by the company Detroit Diesel.
  • Crew — six people (commander, gunner, assistant gunner, motor driver mechanic, and two crew members).

Context. The administration of President Joe Biden approved sending multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine.

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