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Official statistics: Sales of apartments and houses on market increased by 5-7% in Q3

The total number of apartments and houses sold in Ukraine for the Q3 of 2021 amounted to 95,146 objects. This is 7-8% more than the apartments sold in the II quarter (85,388 objects). This is evidenced by the statistics released by the Ministry of Justice.

The state notaries of Ukraine made 10,044 certified agreements with real estate in Q3, and the private ones—131,607.

At the same time, the number of land transactions in the Q3, in contrast to the Q2, decreased by 10%—from 87,544 to 79,019 plots.

According to Serhiy Kostetskyi, the analyst of the company SV Development, in recent months the volume of the purchase and sale market in the real estate market is really growing—both in the primary and in the secondary.

Quote"People mainly buy real estate either for themselves or for the purpose of renting it out. The secondary and primary markets in terms of sales are growing at approximately the same rates—about 2,000 transactions per month in Kyiv. But as of today, there is much more supply in the apartment market," the expert stresses.

According to him, the lion's share of transactions is made up of sales in the economy class segment—these are the apartments up to $60,000.

"The elite category of apartments from $150,000 and above makes up only 6-7% of the total number of sales. This category has stopped growth—largely due to the strengthening of financial monitoring. There is a tendency to postpone "deals until better times," the realtor adds.

However, this activity usually decreases in the last three months of the year. This trend can be predicted especially since the possible imposing of a lockdown in the country, Serhiy Kostetskyi stresses.

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