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Ports, distilleries, bakeries: What facilities SPF to bring to the hammer in 2022

The State Property Fund has released a list of assets to be privatized this year.

The list includes:

  • 20 alcohol assets of Ukrspyrt,
  • 15 expertise and technical centers of the State Labour Service throughout Ukraine,
  • 6 inactive penitentiaries of the Ministry of Justice,
  • Novopokrovskyi and Nepolokovetskyi agro-industrial complexes,
  • Odesa Sparkling Wine Factory,
  • Kotovsky winery,
  • Ust-Dunaisk Commercial Seaport,
  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Commercial Seaport,
  • Skadovsk Sea Commercial Seaport.

According to Dmytro Sennichenko, Head of the State Property Fund, two main requirements must be met for the further effective implementation of the privatization reform:

  • The Rada should adopt the accumulated amendments to the current legislation,
  • The Cabinet of Ministers will have to ensure the transfer of non-strategic objects for the privatization.

"In these conditions, we can expect a new surge in privatization activity in 2022 and raising investments through privatization. Launched state assets at transparent auctions will find their new effective owners and will be able to develop, create jobs, and advance the Ukrainian economy."

Dmytro Sennichenko

Dmytro Sennichenko

Chairman at the State Property Fund

Context. In 2021, 5.1 billion UAH was deposited to the state budget from privatization. The First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant was the largest lot the funds were raised from (429.0 million UAH).

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