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Fashion for office with scenic view. IT companies move to upper floors

In Kyiv, the demand for offices in panoramic apartments increased sharply in December and January. Experts attribute this trend to the moving of offices to the housing stock.

Such offices in new buildings are preferred by businesses where meetings are held by prior arrangement: IT firms, architectural and marketing companies that appreciate some kind of zest in the office, real estate market expert Iryna Lukhanina notes in a commentary to The Page.

Quote"These are often new residential complexes with panoramic views on the left bank. In such offices, of course, the preference is given to higher floors with a view of the Dnipro, the landscape of the capital, and panoramas of old houses are also appreciated," the expert adds.

Compared to the average price for offices in residential premises ($10-20 per 1 sq. m.), prices in panoramic ones will start from $25 per square, depending on the renovation, floor, and panorama.

Recently, many shell & core office spaces have appeared on the market the companies pay rent for after their renovation.

Quote"There are deals where clients agree to rent an office with renovation holidays. Such deals are less likely to be agreed on, but if the view is worth it, why not. Under such circumstances, only utilities are paid during the renovation. And after moving into, a reduced rate covering the cost of renovation is paid during the year. Subsequently, payment at the full rate begins," Lukhanina explains.
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