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Kyiv and the region put in commission a record 55,000 apartments in new buildings in a year

In 2021, the average price per square meter was rapidly rising in price. Comfort class flats were more popular among Ukrainians.


According to the final data of the urban research project LUN City, Kyiv and the region put in commission the largest number of the flats in Ukraine in 2021. In particular, 35,000 flats were put in commission in the capital, and 20,000—in the Kyiv region.

Other major cities in Ukraine are being built more slowly:

  • Lviv commissioned 6,000 flats,
  • Odesa—13,000 flats,
  • Kharkiv—9,000 flats,
  • Dnipro—2,000 flats.

Price dynamics

The average price of a square meter in new buildings increased in all major cities of Ukraine. For example, the average cost of a square meter in Kyiv reached 34,700 UAH in December 2021, while in January 2021 it cost 27,700 UAH.


In the Kyiv region, the average price per square meter increased from 16,500 UAH to 20,900 UAH.

A similar trend is observed in the regions: in Lviv, the average price per square meter increased from 18,300 UAH in January up to 20,900 UAH in December 2021. In Odesa—from 20,900 UAH in January to 22,200 UAH in December.

The average cost of the smallest one-room apartment in Kyiv was 1.54 million UAH, in the Kyiv region—a little less than a million—0.97 million UAH. Dnipro is the most expensive among the regions in this parameter—1.28 million UAH, and Kharkiv is the cheapest one. There the average price of the smallest one-room apartment is 1.03 million UAH.


Interest in the class of housing

Depending on the region, buyers choose different classes of housing. For example, Kyiv citizens and Kyiv region residents, Lviv and Odesa citizens are looking, first of all, for comfort class apartments.

In Dnipro, they are almost equally interested in comfort and business classes. In Kharkiv, economy and comfort classes are preferred.

Readiness to make a purchase

More than 80% of those interested in buying housing in Kyiv and the region, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Dnipro in the last three months are considering buying an apartment for themselves.

In the short term—within a year—a quarter of Kyiv residents, approximately 20% of residents of the Kyiv region, Lviv, and Kharkiv, and 15% of residents of Odesa and Dnipro are ready to purchase a flat

Scale of developers

It is also important to consider which of the developers had the largest building area during the year. To date, three companies are leading in this figure in Kyiv—KAN Development, City One Development, and Kyivmiskbud, each of which has about 10% of the total building area in the city.

In the Kyiv region, Riviera Estate has the largest building area—11%, White Chocolate and Martynov—7% each. There are two leaders in Lviv—RIEL (23%) and Nove Misto (18%). In Odesa, 23%—Prostranstvo Development, 11%—Stikon, 10%—Budova. In Kharkiv, 47% of active construction sites belong to one company—Trust Zhytlobud-1—47%, another 27%—to Zhytlobud-2. In Dnipro, 19% of the building area belongs to Artproektbud, and Stroitel-P and LOGOS DEVELOPMENT GROUP own 17% each.

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