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Apartment in Kyiv may still be rented for 6,000 UAH per month: Price statistics by districts

Rental prices in Kyiv, depending on the type of housing, range from 6,000 to 95,000 UAH per month. Photo: hackrea.com

Rental prices in Kyiv, depending on the type of housing, range from 6,000 to 95,000 UAH per month. Photo: hackrea.com

In January, 127 residential property rental transactions were conducted in Kyiv at rates ranging from 6,000 UAH to 95,000 UAH per month. Economy-class two-room apartments were more popular.

In total, the number of rental transactions decreased by 35% in January compared to December 2021. The level of rental costs amounted to $140,000, Olena Biberova, General Director of the real-estate agency Blagovist, says in a comment to The Page. According to her, in the first month of January 2020, rental rates for housing in Kyiv did not increase.

"The rental market during the New Year holidays traditionally becomes less active than during other periods. At the same time, there was a demand for rental in all price segments. There was a demand for rental of non-residential premises and houses. Rental rates remain stable," Olena Biberova notes.

Price statistics: Rental rates by districts and class

The category of properties worth up to $500 per month, according to the agency, amounted to 25%. In this segment, 1- and 2-room apartments were the most in demand, mainly in the Darnytskyi and Sviatoshynskyi districts.

The most low-budget option, rented in January, was a one-room apartment in the Holosiivskyi district.

  • 1-room apartment of 40 sq.m. on Teremkovska Str. (Holosiivskyi district)—it was rented for 6,000 UAH per month.
  • 1-room apartment on V. Stus Str. (Pecherskyi district) with an area of 40 sq.m—for 12,000 UAH/month.
  • 1-room apartment with an area of 50 sq.m on Sikorskyi Str, (Shevchenkivskyi district)—13,500 UAH/month.

In the price range of $500-1,000 per month, 39% of transactions were made. In this category, 2-3-room apartments in Holosiivskyi and Pecherskyi districts lead the pack.

  • 1-room apartment of 55 sq. m on Holosiivska Str. (Holosiivsky district)—14,000 UAH/month.
  • Non-residential premises for hosting a store with an area of 33 sq.m on Stolychne Highway Str. (Holosiivskyi district)—18,000 UAH/month.
  • 3-room apartment of 117 sq.m. on Lutsenko Str. (Holosiivskyi district) was rented for 27,000 UAH/month.

In the business class—in the price range from $1,000-2,500 per month, the share of transactions was 26%. Here, Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts of the capital became the favorites.

  • House with an area of 330 sq.m in Sofiivska Borschahivka was rented for 32,400 UAH per month;
  • Office space on Poltavska Str. (Shevchenkivskyi district) with an area of 120 sq.m—64,800 UAH per month;
  • penthouse with an area of 174 sq.m on Heroiv Stalinhrada Str. (Obolonskyi district)—62,100 UAH per month.

In the category of elite properties from $2.5 thousand per month, the share of transactions was 20%. Pecherskyi and Holosiivskyi districts prevailed here. The most expensive property rented out in January was a house in Koncha-Zaspa.

  • building with an area of 700 sq.m. in the village of Lisnyky (Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district) was rented for 189,000 UAH per month.
  • apartment of 150 sq. m on Zvirynetska Str. (Pecherskyi district)—75,500 UAH per month.
  • 3-room apartment of 230 sq. m on Gorodetsky Str. (Pechersky district)—94,500 UAH per month.
  • house with an area of 430 sq.m in Koncha-Zaspa (Holosiivskyi district)—216,000 UAH per month.
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