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The Kakhovka HPP could only be blown up by Russia, Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell says

Ukraine couldn’t blow up the Kakhovka HPP. Photo: screenshot from a video by the NYT

Ukraine couldn’t blow up the Kakhovka HPP. Photo: screenshot from a video by the NYT

Ukraine didn’t even have a theoretical chance to blow up the Nova Kakhovka dam, causing the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. Former Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell said this in the context of Russia’s lies that the dam could fall apart because of poor repairs or be destroyed by Ukrainian shelling.

Dams are huge structures with millions of cubic meters of concrete, and they are not easily damaged by mortar or artillery fire, the officer told Sky News.

Why only Russia could destroy the dam

Sean Bell emphasizes that only Russia could damage the dam, and even more so destroy it.

The Vice-Marshal remembered the Dam Busters raid that was part of Operation Chastise during the Second World War, when the Royal Air Force used a bomber squadron to destroy reservoir dams in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. To achieve this, they needed special bombs developed by Barnes Wallis.

Quote"It is almost certain that the only way to destroy the dam would be to mine it with specialist explosives. Even then, it would not be easy to destroy. The dam was in Russian-occupied territory. They were the only side who could have destroyed the dam," Bell emphasized

Why Russia attacked the Kakhovka HPP

By blowing up the Nova Kakhovka dam, Russia sought to flood the Dnipro downstream and stop any Ukrainian counteroffensive across the river, Sean Bell explains.

Quote"It was fully expected Russia would blow up the dam as soon as the Ukrainian counterattack looked set to begin," the military expert noted.

According to the Vice-Marshal, by demolishing the dam, Russia distracts Ukraine’s and the world’s attention and also cuts off one potential line of attack from Kyiv.

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