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Polish media have accused Ukroboronprom of lying

The American company Bell has denied information from Ukroboronprom about the issuance of a license for the production of Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters in Ukraine. This has been reported by the journalists of the Polish media outlet Zbiam. The publication says that in response to a request from the editors, the Americans reported that they had no agreements with the Ukrainian side.

"On March 2, Bell Textron stated in a letter to the editor that it had not issued a license to Ukroboronprom or other Ukrainian business entities to produce UH-1 Iroquois helicopters. However, they are ready to support Ukrainian efforts to modernize the helicopter fleet. But cooperation should be based on the procedures of the US government, including sending an official request," the statement said.

The director of the Odessa Aviation Plant, Vitalii Yukhachov, told The Page that he could not give a detailed comment on the current situation, since a non-disclosure agreement was also signed with the company they had signed a preliminary agreement. He had not yet received permission to disclose this information. He also noted that Ukroboronprom had no relationship with Bell.

"I don’t know who applies it to this information. Gusev said not a word about it, not half a word. If you want to find out more or less interesting information, I hope next week to receive the appropriate approval from the US company," Yukhachov said.

Context. On February 26, on the official website of Ukroboronprom, a message appeared that the Odessa Aviation Plant would produce Bell UH-1 Iroquiois helicopters.

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