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Zelenskyy bought government bonds worth 2.73 million UAH—tax return

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy bought 100 domestic government bonds worth 2.73 million UAH. The acquisition was made on June 3, as he indicated in a report about a significant change in property status posted on the website of the Unified State Register of Declarations.


The President acquired bonds via OTP Bank.

On the same day, June 3, Zelenskyy earned 2.78 million UAH of income from the repayment of government bonds in the same OTP Bank. This is stated in another report for the State Register.

It is impossible to say exactly what income the President will earn from the new government bonds, since it is not known what bonds he bought and on what terms. But at the primary auctions, the Ministry of Finance in early June placed hryvnia bonds at the rate of 11-15% per annum.

In 2020, the income of Zelenskyy and his family members amounted to 22.7 million UAH. Of these, the family earned 13.5 million from the sale of real estate and a land plot in the village of Ivankovychi. The President earned 336,000 UAH as a salary. The President also declared royalties in the amount of 4.6 million UAH. This is evidenced by the tax return of the head of state, published on the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) website.

In 2019, the declared income of Zelenskyy’s family was 29 million UAH.

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