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Zelensky aide in talks with Trump's lawyer - The New York Times


U.S. President Donald Trump ’s personal lawyer Rudy (Rudolph ) Giuiliani has met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ’s assistant Andriy Yermak to discuss a meeting with Trump and Trump-friendly investigations into corruption involving American officials. That ’s the takeaway from a 1,300-word article published by The New York Times on August 21.

Giiuliani said he briefed U.S. State Department officials and Special U.S. Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker on his talks with Yermak, who visited Washington last month.

According to CNN, American diplomats told Giuliani that Yermak wanted to meet with him. The two agreed to meet in Madrid last month.

Giuliani claims that Yermak asked him questions and that he didn 't ask the Ukrainian lawyer to do anything because he "didn 't need to." The focus of their conversation was on Biden 's possible role as then-vice president in the dismissal of Viktor Shokin as Prosecutor General in March 2016 and how Ukraine may have tried to damage Trump 's campaign, Giuliani said.


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