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Zelensky vs oligarchs: who can lead Akhmetov’s new Party of Regions

Recently, the media reported that the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov is going to create his own political party. One of the businessmen connected with the oligarch may become the Chairperson of the new political force.

Thus, the non-factional people's deputy and businessman Vadym Novinskyi or former deputy of the Party of Regions Borys Kolesnikov can participate in the creation of Akhmetov's party, according to the article of Radio Liberty.

Novinsky has not yet commented on the situation, and Kolesnikov has confirmed that he is working on creating a party, but he is doing it, according to his words, on his own.

In one word, Akhmetov is an oligarch who always finds a common ground with the authorities, his influence and experience prompts the authorities to become allies with him, political strategist Serhiy Haidai explains.

The businessman himself notes that the range of his interests is still limited exclusively to business, charity and football.

However, according to the investigation of the program Nashi Groshi, about 30 MPs from the so-called Pavlyuk group can act in the interests of the oligarch. And in the investigations of online media projects Bihus-info and BiznesCensor, it is said about a number of the Batkivshchyna members and non-affiliated deputies. This opinion is shared by the Servant of the People representatives. At the same time, other deputies deny any influence of the oligarch on them, Akhmetov denies it as well.

Quote"I affirm: I do not influence anyone. Each deputy of the Verkhovna Rada makes their own decisions and bears responsibility for them. Towards themselves and towards their voters,"Akhmetov said.

What could be Akhmetov's new party

According to Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth), the new party may be something like the Party of Regions 2.0 that can include young people who have not been involved in politics before, but have work and career experience at the enterprises of Akhmetov-Novinsky.

However, according to the political consultant Serhiy Haidai, the Party of Regions experience will rather not serve as a basis, but as an example of what exactly should not be done.

At the same time, such a political force can see as the main target audience not only the voters of the Opposition Platform — For Life, but also the voters who are disillusioned with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The main reason for the likely creation of Akhmetov's party may be Zelenskiyy's new presidential draft law that aims to impose sanctions against oligarchs.

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