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Putin’s envoy laid out conditions Russia would increase transit through Ukraine under

Russia expressed its readiness to increase gas transit through the territory of Ukraine, but under certain conditions. Gazprom European clients must increase the volume of purchases, and Kyiv—to offer competitive conditions, the outlet TASS cites Dmitry Peskov, the Press secretary of the Russian President.

"In this case, of course, the addressees of Kyiv are gas acquirers, gas buyers in Europe, European companies. It is these companies that can conclude new long-term agreements with the Russian monopoly with increased volumes, taking into account the growing demand for the blue flame gas," he stressed.

Peskov added that if this happened, and the Ukrainian side, in turn, provided competitive commercial offers, the transit would continue.

Vladimir Putin’s envoy noted that at the moment Russia was supplying gas to European countries at the possible maximum stipulated by contracts. Peskov indicated that the question about potential additional gas supplies should be addressed to Gazprom.

Context. Recall that on the morning of October 1, Gazprom stopped the transit of gas to Hungary through Ukraine. As the GTS Operator of Ukraine points out in the message, this happened even despite the fact that the Ukrainian capacities in the Hungarian direction were contracted until September 30, 2022 in the amount of more than 24.5 million cubic meters per day.

A few days later, Putin stated that Gazprom was increasing gas pumping through the Ukrainian gas transportation system, and most likely, it would exceed its obligations, but it was unprofitable to increase supplies even more.

The GTS Operator reported that gas transit through Ukraine this year decreased by more than 17%.

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