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Ukrainian military shot down another Russian Su-25 in Donetsk Oblast

In Donetsk Oblast, the military of the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade Chornykh Zaporozhtsiv (named after Black Zaporozhians) shot down Russian Su-25 aircraft with the Igla MANPADS, the Mechanized Brigade reported on its FB an hour ago.

"We are back in Donetsk Oblast. And tirelessly again we destroy various Colorado vermin. And not only from our land. There are also a lot of pests in the sky, but there is one less already. The rashists’ Su-25 was wondering: "Who is here?" The answer was instant. It slammed loudly and flamingly, because in skillful hands even the Igla MANPADS is a good tool for cleaning all kinds of junk from the sky."

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