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The Ukrainian parliament has regulated genetic engineering


Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada amended the legislation regulating the production and sale of genetically modified products. According to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Draft Law No. 5839, which was passed into law by the parliament on August 23, 2023, regulates genetic engineering.

Law No. 5839:

  • Eliminates the overlapping functions of various controlling agencies in the field of handling GMOs;
  • Establishes clear and transparent procedures for state registration of GMOs and obtaining permits in the field of genetic engineering;
  • Improves the system of assessment of the risks to human health and the environment from the production and use of GMOs;
  • Improves the requirements for labeling GM products and introduces rules for their tracing;
  • Strengthens governmental control over the handling of GMOs;
  • Determines the responsibility for violations of legislation in this field;
  • Amends the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses.

The new law is meant to align the relevant legislation with the norms of the European Union, as required by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. It should also make it easier to do business in the field of genetically modified products.

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