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Ukraine runs out of the Moderna vaccine. Who else can be vaccinated with it, and how many other drugs are left

The national warehouse of Ukraine has run out of vaccine against coronavirus produced by the American company Moderna. Now it is available only locally and persons can only be vaccinated with it to end the course, that is, if a second dose is needed.

The press service of the Ministry of Health reported this to liga.net, adding that 805,600 doses of Moderna are available in regional and local warehouses.

Quote"In September, Moderna will not be delivered either, since 2 million doses were supplied under the COVAX program, and not through government procurement," the message says.

What vaccines have remained in Ukraine and how much of them are there:

All in all, there are more than 11 million doses of vaccine in national, regional, and local Ukrainian warehouses (as of August 24).

Quote"The vaccine supplies are due to arrive. In accordance with the schedule of these supplies, the expiration date, the requests of the regions, and the interval of administration, it is possible to decide whether to use this batch for the second dose or it can be used for the first one, since we are about to receive a sufficient amount of vaccine for the second one," the Ministry stated.

Context. Earlier it became known that Ukraine is considering the possibility of producing vaccines against coronavirus, in particular, this refers to such drugs as CoronaVac or mRNA vaccines.

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