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Reznikov thanked the U.S., Germany, and Britain for the new equipment

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, thanked for the new equipment from the U.S., Germany, and Britain.

This message was posted on Facebook by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Quote"Today, together with the commander of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces, Major General Maksym "Mike" Myrhorodskyi, and our paratroopers, I had the honor of running a new arrival in our armored units. These were Challengers from Britain, Strykers & Cougars from the U.S., and Marders from Germany. Even a year ago, no one could have thought that the support from our partners would be so powerful, and that the entire civilized world would reboot and eventually resist the bloody aggressor, the terrorist country Russia," the message says.

The Ministry of Defense also praised the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Quote"Everything has changed this year. Ukraine changed the world. The resilience of the Ukrainian people and the prowess of our army have convinced everyone that Ukraine will win," it said.

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