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Ukraine has resumed export of electricity to EU countries

The export of electricity from Ukraine to the EU countries has resumed to the level of 789 MW.

As of 22:00, March 2, exports to Poland amounted to 210 MW, exports to Hungary amounted to 486 MW, and exports to Romania amounted to 93 MW, according to data from NPC Ukrenergo.

The total export was 789 MW.

Taking into account electricity imports from the western borders, the net exports amounted to 379 MW.

Also, electricity was imported from Belarus in the amount of 250 MW. No crossflows with the Russian Federation were made.

Electricity production in Ukraine at the end of 2020 decreased by 3.3% or by 5.2 billion kWh to 148.8 billion kWh. During a period of significant cooling in January-February 2021, a number of thermal generation power units were shut down in an emergency mode in Ukraine. As a result, the export of energy stopped, and its imports increased, including due to supplies from Russia and Belarus.

The winter fiasco in the Ukrainian energy sector could have been avoided due to the professional decisions of the government, pre-formed coal reserves and thorough repair maneuvering.

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