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On the night of December 19, the Air Forces of Ukraine shot down 30 kamikaze drones of the invaders

On the night of December 19, Russian invaders made another attempt to attack Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 drones. Ukrainian defenders shot 30 enemy UAVs out of around 35 that had been launched, according to the Air Forces of Ukraine.

Quote"The capabilities of the Air Forces of Ukraine in cooperation with other components of Ukraine’s Defense Forces destroyed thirty five Shaheds of Russian invaders," the report says.

Just like the previous time, the enemy launched loitering munitions from the eastern coast of the Azov Sea.

The drones were neutralized jointly by units of anti-aircraft missile forces, fighter jets, and mobile fire teams.

The South Operative Command reported that 10 Shahed kamikaze drones of the enemy were shot in the south. The Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported shooting around 15 more.

Context. The Russian occupation army resumed the use of Iranian-made loitering munitions in mid-December after a three-week pause.

On December 17, Defense Intelligence reported that Russia obtained a new batch of Shaheds. Intelligence doesn’t rule out that the batch could be significantly smaller than the previous ones.

Western allies and Ukraine believe that Iran can give Russia ballistic missiles as the enemy’s stock is dwindling significantly. Ukrainian intelligence knows about preliminary agreements on such supplies and "Russia’s great efforts to obtain these missiles".

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