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The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine change from the Soviet UAZ to the South Korean KIA KM450

Until the end of 2021, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will undergo state tests of the new command and staff vehicle, the South Korean KIA KM450, a licensed version of the American Kaiser Jeep M715 used during the Vietnam War.

According to the commander of the signal and cybersecurity corps, Major General Yevhen Stepanenko, the new vehicles should replace the P-125 based on the UAZ-3151 that are now in service, the outlet dumskaya reports.

K1450-06 vehicles will be manufactured by the Odesa plant Telecard-Prilad based on the KIA KM450 off-road vehicle—a Korean licensed version of the American Kaiser Jeep M715 pickup truck.

The Kaiser Jeep M715 is in service with the US Army to this day. Also, these vehicles are produced under license for the armies of India, South Korea, and Israel.

The South Korean version of the SUV is produced by KIA. The cars are used as trucks, tractors for light guns and mortars, ambulances and command vehicles. In Ukraine, on the basis of this vehicle, the corporation Bogdan and Research and Production Association Practika have designed the armored vehicle Bars-6.

Telecard-Prilad is a domestic designer of radio-electronic and communication equipment for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the past, the company has already donated the K-1450 command and staff vehicle based on the BTR-70 armored personnel carrier to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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