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Coronavirus: Ukraine has passed a plateau. Kyiv and a number of regions are still under threat

The coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine is beginning to decline, and the situation in many regions is stabilizing. However, in Kyiv and some regions, the number of patients is not decreasing. Thus, in the capital, a strict lockdown has been even extended.

For ten days in a row, there has been a decline in the incidence. This was stated by the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov.

Statistics of patients with coronavirus

In particular, April 13 was the first day when the number of those discharged from hospitals was almost 23% more than the number of hospitalized.

However, he noted that some regions, for example, the city of Kyiv, Kyiv, Lviv, and Poltava regions continue to be in the "red" zone of epidemic danger.

Thus, during the briefing, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said that the occupancy of beds in public hospitals reached 71%. The number of children requiring oxygen support has also increased. In addition, Klitschko recently announced that if the medical system collapsed in the city, a state of emergency might be imposed in the capital.

Prognosis for the number of patients with coronavirus

Also, the words of the Minister were confirmed by scientists from the National Academy of Sciences. In their research, they point out that official statistics might be distorted due to the irregularity of entering old cases of diseases.

However, the dynamics of the total number of positive results for coronavirus by PCR testing indicates that Ukraine has passed a plateau and the number of patients has begun to decline.

At the same time, scientists believe that Ukraine has not yet passed the peak of mortality from coronavirus, so an increase in their number can be expected as early as next week—from April 19 to April 25.

Also there is a peak period of the number of new hospitalizations, a drop in the number of people who are admitted to hospitals due to coronavirus is expected in a few weeks.

However, the number of patients on ventilators has grown by 9% lately, and the number of patients in intensive care units has grown by 5%.

Thus, the number of patients on artificial lung ventilation (ALV) increased by 9%, and the number of patients in intensive care units—by 5%.

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