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The National Police has begun to check all weapon owners and has interrupted the licensing

Photo: unsplash / @stngr

Photo: unsplash / @stngr

In Ukraine, the registration, licensing and re-registration of permitted weapons were suspended for ten days, the Head of the National Police Ihor Klymenko wrote on his Facebook page.

In this way he commented on the order signed by him on March 1 regarding the complete disbandment of arms in circulation control units, and all heads of territorial police units received orders to seal the archives of the permitting service.

Quote"The service investigation continues. The employees of the Department of Internal Security of the National Police check every personal file of the weapon owner," he added..

The reason for this was that the police had discovered a corrupt scheme for licensing the purchase, storage and carrying of permitted weapons. The day before, Klymenko explained that permits were issued with violations, sometimes even without the participation of the citizen for whom the weapon was registered.

Quote"The corrupt police officers shamelessly posted advertisements for the registration of weapons without documents in popular messenger groups. We have information on more than 2,000 cases of issuing weapons permits with gross violations of procedure and legislation, using forged documents. Now the Internal Security of the National Police has exposed nine police officers who organized and participated in this scheme," he said.

It is also worth noting that among the "customers" there were law enforcement officials, deputies of different levels and representatives of state authorities. At the same time, all permits issued with violations will be canceled, and the weapon will be seized.


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