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The Ministry of Infrastructure named the priorities for the future restoration of Ukraine

The projects to be implemented first will be those addressing the basic needs of Ukrainians, said Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine, at a meeting with representatives of the Donor Coordination Platform, as cited by the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Among the restoration priorities, the Ministry of Infrastructure named the following:

  • The repair and construction of residential buildings;
  • The restoration of the energy infrastructure, the development of small power generation projects, and the protection of the existing power grid;
  • The reconstruction of the social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.);
  • The restoration of bridges, roads, and railways, and the development of border infrastructure.

The Ministry of Infrastructure believes the key restoration goal for 2023 is the creation of the conditions that make it possible for Ukrainians to return home. To that end, the ministry, in coordination with the donors, is planning to use a three-stage approach:

  • The restoration of the life-critical infrastructure (water supply, heating, and power supply);
  • Stabilization measures, including the construction of residential buildings and engaging people who lost their jobs in this activity;
  • The implementation of development projects aimed at reviving economic activities in the liberated communities.
Quote"The projects that have been discussed will make it possible to carry out reconstruction already this year. First of all, to provide citizens with access to basic services that ensure life. We are already creating conditions that will help us return Ukrainians home. We are grateful to our partners for their help and deep involvement in all reconstruction processes, which takes place not only on construction sites but also in our institutions and reforms," commented Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine and Minister for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine.

The Donor Coordination Platform was created in 2022. It consists of representatives of the G7 countries and global financial institutions.

In particular, the meeting was attended by representatives of the United States, Poland, Estonia, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United Nations.

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