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New regulation of eCommerce. The Ministry of Economy will oblige sellers to disclose data about themselves and the product

The Ministry of Economy has made regulatory changes to the version of the bill "On Consumer Protection" that, in particular, imposes the obligation of online traders to place information about themselves as a business entity and a list of information about products.

"The regulation of eCommerce is the need of our time. After all, the inability to identify an online seller leads to the consumer rights insecurity and budgetary losses due to the non-registration of sellers as entrepreneurs. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, we are initiating a mechanism of voluntary identification in the register of online stores by the sellers of goods in e-commerce," the press service of the Ministry of Economy cites Iryna Novikova, the Deputy Minister of Economy.

The document defines the terms "electronic trading platform (marketplace)" and "electronic product comparison service (price aggregator)". It also determines responsibility for not providing complete information by a business entity about its identification.

The State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection will also have the right to contact an Internet service provider to restrict access to the website of business entities that violate consumer protection legislation and that cannot be identified.

In parallel, the Ministry of Economy, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, are working on the creation of an "E-consumer" platform for sellers in online stores. This electronic service will allow identifying the seller with the help of the status "Verified Seller" provided by the State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

Now the Cabinet of Ministers is considering the bill.

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