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The Ministry of Defense has taken into service the anti-material rifle "Alligator"

The Ministry of Defense has taken into service for the Armed Forces of Ukraine the repeating large-caliber anti-material hand-loading rifle Snipex Alligator. All parts of the rifle are made by Ukrainian manufacturers.

"The main task of the large-caliber "Alligator" is to destroy enemy fortifications and equipment, including lightly armored ones," the press service of the Ministry of Defense reports.


The performance characteristics of the Snipex Alligator:

  • Caliber 14.5x114;
  • Bullet muzzle velocity—980 m/s;
  • Effective shot range—up to 2000 m;
  • The maximum bullet range is up to 7000 m;
  • At a distance of 1.5 km, the bullet penetrates a 10-mm armor plate.

The Ministry of Defense clarified that anti-material large-caliber rifles were designed to neutralize or cause critical damage to conventional and lightly armored military equipment of the enemy, radar equipment, guided missiles on launchers, warehouses, tanks with oil products and other objects.

For the first time, the Snipex Alligator rifle was presented in June 2020 on the official Snipex FB page. The Snipex T-REX 14.5 and Snipex ALLIGATOR 14.5 rifles successfully passed state tests on February 5, 2021.

The manufacturer of these weapons is XADO-Holding (Kharkiv, 1991) that also produces machine oils, lubricants, oil additives, and auto chemicals.


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