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The Ministry of Culture will hold negotiations with YouTube, says Tkachenko

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy (MCIP) will hold negotiations with YouTube on the problem of changes in its algorithms that resulted in a decrease in views of reports about the war published on the video hosting service by Ukrainian media.

Quote"There will be a second round of negotiations with YouTube in the coming days. The thing is, they have changed their algorithms at some point, so that reports from Ukrainian mass media — videos related to war — get fewer views because they are marked 18+," said Oleksandr Tkachenko, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

Tkachenko noted that the ministry would try to persuade the platform that a country in war cannot avoid speaking about war.

On April 21, YouTube responded to the MCIP and deleted videos about the Wagner PMC that had over a million views, as well as the channels that shared them.

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