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The Hereha family bought the Dunayevetskyi bakery plant for 227 million UAH

Dunayevetskyi bakery plant. Photo: spfu.gov.ua

Dunayevetskyi bakery plant. Photo: spfu.gov.ua

The Epicenter K group of companies owned by Oleksandr and Halyna Hereha won the auction for the privatization of the State Enterprise Dunayevetskyi kombinat khliboproduktiv (Dunayevetskyi bakery plant) in the Khmelnytskyi region.

The company was the only contender for the state-owned enterprise and offered 227.09 million. This amount exceeded the starting price by almost 40 million UAH, according to the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU).

The balance sheet value of the plant's assets in 2020 was estimated at 193.6 million UAH, of which 187.6 million UAH are part of the privatization target, 6 million UAH is not subject to privatization.

The Head of the SPFU Dmytro Sennychenko noted that the sold state-owned enterprise has 11 million UAH of debts. The debts obligations will be assumed by the new owner.

According to him, the asset has a high investment potential, since the bakery plants were created as production sites with a careful choice of locations and a developed logistics infrastructure. In particular, plants have powerful elevators and rail access.

The Dunayevetskyi kombinat khliboproduktiv in the Khmelnytskyi region was founded in 1925 and became the first target in the sale of state bakery plants from the SPFU. Now it is a budget revenue generating enterprise in the town of Dunaievtsi that provides jobs for 128 local residents.

It provides warehousing services (accepting, storage, cleaning, drying and storage of grain) and manufacturing of flour and cereals products. The enterprise requires investment in modernization for further development. It will also create additional jobs and increase tax revenues to local budgets.

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