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The government intends to transfer 90% of all state-owned enterprises to the concession

The Cabinet of Ministers plans to transfer to concession 90% of state-owned enterprises prohibited from privatization by 2030.

The relevant targets are contained in the National Economic Strategy until 2030, approved by the ministerial Order No. 179 of March 3 and published on the government portal.

There are other targets for 2030 as well. In particular, it is planned to privatize 100% of state-owned enterprises that are not included in the list of prohibited from privatization.

The government also plans to liquidate or restructure 100% of non-functioning state-owned enterprises.

It is also planned to lease 100% of non-strategic or economically unjustified property of state and municipal property.

For the remaining state-owned enterprises, it is planned to create a centralized management institute that will manage them.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the National Economic Strategy until 2030 at the meeting on Wednesday, March 3.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law abolishing the list of objects not subject to privatization.

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