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Climate Summit 2021. Ukraine and about 40 other countries promise to part with coal

Ukraine has joined a group of more than 40 countries that pledged to eliminate coal dependence during the Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow. Large economies have pledged to break free of coal in the 2030s, smaller economies—in the 2040s. According to the international organization Powering Past Coal Alliance, the Ukrainian side announced its readiness to close the door on this fossil fuel by 2035.

According to The Guardian, Canada, Poland, Chile, Vietnam, Ukraine and others expressed their readiness to take this step. The signatories to the Agreement are committed to halting the construction of new coal-fired power plants at home and abroad and phasing out coal-fired power generation.

Quote"The sands of coal are running out. The world is on track and ready to decide the fate of coal and reap the environmental and economic benefits of building a clean energy future," Kwasi Kwarteng, UK Secretary of State for Business and Energy, stated.

Meanwhile, some of the major consumers of this fossil fuel, including Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, and the United States, have decided not to join the Agreement.

A number of experts stressed that in order to combat climate change, developed economies must move away from coal by 2030, not in the 2030s. They are convinced that this agreement is somewhat belated.

Additionally. According to the International Energy Agency, coal is the most polluting fossil fuel and its combustion is the most significant contributor to climate change on the planet. Weaning the countries of the world from it is considered a vital step in achieving the globally accepted climate goals.

The PRC promised in September to stop funding foreign coal-fired power plants, although this promise does not apply to domestic projects of the country.

Context. Recall: this summer, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to 35% in comparison with the 1990 level in accordance with the Paris Agreement on combating climate change.

The global climate conference COP26 began on November 1 in the Scottish city of Glasgow. The goal of the conference is to keep global warming as close as possible to the target 1.5°C set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

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