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Starbucks has entered Ukraine, but without coffee shops: Nestle has started selling their coffee

Nestle will sell Starbucks coffee in Ukraine. Photo: unsplash / @sirbusorin

Nestle will sell Starbucks coffee in Ukraine. Photo: unsplash / @sirbusorin

One of the world's largest food producers, Nestle, will supply Starbucks coffee to the Ukrainian market. The company has become the official distributor of the brand, according to a press conference, where the company revealed details of the cooperation.

According to the CEO at Nestle in Ukraine Alessandro Zanelli, the sale of four Starbucks coffee types began in early January.

Quote"About two years ago, we entered into an agreement on the permanent use of the rights to sell Starbucks coffee. Nestle will have the right to use the Starbucks brand, as stated in the agreement dated May 18, 2018. We are also Starbucks partners in the development of new coffee varieties," liga.net quotes Zanelli.

The company has invested several million dollars in this cooperation; it is planned to invest funds within three years.

Zanelli also said that Ukraine is the largest market where Starbucks started without opening a coffee shop chain. In the same way the giant is already working in the Baltic countries and plans in Moldova and Belarus. But Nestle plans to bring coffee not only to retail, but also to cooperate with Ukrainian establishments.

It should be noted that at the moment Starbucks is already being sold in Ukraine. Coffee can be bought on the largest marketplaces and niche online stores, as well as in large retail chains.

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