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SSU shot dead while detaining a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation suspected of treason

Denys Kirieiev at the talks. Photo: Video freeze frame

Denys Kirieiev at the talks. Photo: Video freeze frame

When being detained by the SSU officers, a member of the negotiating delegation of Ukraine Denys Kirieiev was killed. He was suspected of treason. This was reported by the People's Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky.

The outlets Obozrevatel and UP (Ukrayinska Pravda—Ukrainian Truth) also reported this information. Some anonymous Telegram channels also confirm this information and clarify that everything happened near the Kyiv Pechersk District Court.

Officially, Kirieiev was not presented as a participant in negotiations with Russia. His name was not on the list published by the press service of the Office of the President, however, in the photo and video of the first negotiations on the border with Belarus, one can see him at the table next to the leaders of the Ukrainian delegation.


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